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47 [Colloquium] Who are Bai people(白族)? : Genealogy and Identity of Indigenous Elites in the Dali region during Ming-Qing period 첨부파일 최고관리자 10-14 33
46 [Colloquium] From Politics of Memory to Culture of Commemoration 첨부파일 최고관리자 09-29 41
45 [Colloquium] The Politics of Humiliation in Modern Times 인기글첨부파일 최고관리자 10-31 490
44 [Colloquium] The Russian Revolution and East Asia 인기글첨부파일 최고관리자 10-25 500
43 [Conference] Mnemonic Solidarity and Peace: Caritas and Reconciliation of the Catholic Church in Korea and Japan 인기글첨부파일 최고관리자 10-22 1159
42 [Colloquium] R.Bin Wong, Histories of Water in and outside Transnational History 인기글첨부파일 최고관리자 10-14 474
41 [Colloquium] Torsten Weber, Pubic history and the legacy of World War Two: Lessons from Europe and East Asia 인기글첨부파일 최고관리자 10-14 486
40 [Colloquium] Edward Baker, "Reflections on the Korean Democracy Movement in the 1970s and 1980s: An Outsider's View" 인기글첨부파일 최고관리자 10-07 486
39 [Co-organized Colloquium] Sang-Jin Han, Pascal Dayez-Burgeon, "Two Puzzles of North Korea" 인기글첨부파일 최고관리자 09-26 550
38 [Workshop] Johannes Schwartz, "Memorializing War Crimes: Ruins, Monuments, and Exhibitions in Nazi Concentration Camp Memorial Sites in Germany and Poland" 인기글첨부파일 최고관리자 09-19 1098
37 [Colloquium] Johannes Schwartz, "Remembering Violence, War Crimes, and Agency: Post-war Trials and Investigations against Female Concentration Camp Guards in Germany" 인기글첨부파일 최고관리자 09-19 941
36 Call for Submissions A new book series from Palgrave Macmillan: Entangled Memories in the Global South 인기글첨부파일 최고관리자 09-05 853
35 [Colloquium] Hansang Kim, " Collecting the Post/Colonial Images from Archives of Power Gazing" 인기글첨부파일 최고관리자 05-23 970
34 [Colloquium] Pertti Haapala, "Finnish Memory of the Year of 1918" 인기글첨부파일 최고관리자 05-16 1184
33 [Conference ] "May 18 in global memory space," Academic Exchange Forum, 39th Anniversary of May 18 Democratic Uprising 인기글첨부파일 최고관리자 05-09 1927
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