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글(文) | Hunmi Lee(2019)-Comfort Women of the Empire and the Politics of Memory

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Autor: Hunmi Lee

Title: Comfort Women of the Empire and the Politics of Memory

Journal: Seoul Journal of Japanese Studies (Vol.5)

Published Year: 2019


In this article, I discuss the controversy surrounding Park Yu-ha’s Comfort Women of the Empire in terms of the “politics of memory.” Park offers problematic perspectives in Comfort Women of the Empire, denying the Japanese state’s legal responsibility regarding its military’s use of “comfort women” in the Asia-Pacific War, emphasizing the particularity of Korean comfort women as women from a Japanese colony, and viewing wartime sexual slavery as prostitution and sex work. Both Japanese and Korean scholars have criticized the book from international legal, historical, and feminist perspectives. Since the 1990s, spurred on by the end of the Cold War and the rising tide of democratization, historians all over the world have pursued alternative forms of bottom-up historiography. In this context, the intellectual genealogy of Comfort Women of the Empire can be located at the intersection between poststructural, postmodern historical epistemology and neo-nationalism. As stipulated in the book’s subtitle, “Colonial Rule and Struggles over Memory,” the work also deals with the competing memories of various agents regarding the issue of comfort women. The manner in which Park arranges, describes, and interprets these memories is a distinctlyproblematic aspect of the book. In this article, by introducing feminist, literary, and international political approaches to the issue of comfort women, I criticize Park’s representation and narrative pertaining to comfort women.



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