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Kim Chang Hee Archive

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Kim Chang Hee is a writer and former journalist from Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do.

This archive is based on articles left by Kim Chang hee's deceased father, including everyday objects, films, and notebooks, as well as written documents, which he came across accidently at his home. Kim Chang Hee organized the articles and donated them to the archive.

Kim Pil Mok, the father of the donor, was born in Seoul in 1923. Having spent his childhood in Harbin and Bongcheon (now Shenyang) in Manchuria, Kim Pil Mok lived in Pyeongyang during his adolescence before moving back to Seoul to attend college. Since then, Kim taught middle school, first in the Gyeryong Mountain area and later in Tongyeong, before changing his career and opening a pharmacy in Seoul. He died in 1966, at just 44.

Based on the possessions of one individual who lived through the turmoils and confusions of modern Korean history ranging from the Japanese occupation to the Korean War, the Third Battle of Seoul, the armistice, and the First Republic led by Rhee Syngman, the Kim Chang Hee Archive has restored valuable historical data by combining memories with written records that give a vivid account of everyday life in modern Korea. Acquired from Kim Pil Mok’s careful collection and meticulous documentation, the archive lists a variety of certificates and receipts from that era, as well as notebooks, photographs, and letters. In 2018, Kim Chang Hee published In Search of My Father (아버지를 찾아서), a mnemonic reconstruction of all the regions his father had lived, based on the records in the notebooks and photographs discovered 50 years after his death.