Public History

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Research Projects

Public History

Jointly organized by Dokumentationzentrum NS-Zwangsarbeit Berlin-Schöneweide, this project aims to study and put into practice the ways in which a phenomenon of the World War II period known as 'forced labor' can be presented in the public realm that goes beyond the single nation paradigm of Germany and Korea. It seeks to provide a forum for young educators from both countries to exchange ideas on teaching methods and practices and learn forced labor in a historical context from a transnational perspective. Under this project, a seminar was held in Berlin from August 14 to 20, 2016. Another seminar is slated to take place in April 2017.

[Expected Impact]

Area of Scholarship Rescue forced labor of the 20 century – forced labor in Nazi Germany and in Southeast Asia - from the single nation paradigm and consider it from a transnational perspective.

Area of Education Reinterpret from the perspective of public history, how history and past events are understood in the domain of everyday life, the dichotomy between perpetrators and victims, the way in which historical materials are shown to the public, and the historical prejudices resulting from the single nation perspective.