Exhibition Overview

“Upon Opening of the Online Exhibition”

Critical Global Studies Institute at Sogang University has received support from the National Research Foundation of Korea for "Mnemonic Solidarity: Colonialism, War, and Genocide," a Humanities Korea Plus research project that delves into humanities of the new era, with a global perspective on humans, society, and environment. Within the Institute, we’ve founded the Local Humanities Center, Sogang Teuinnaru (Sogang Open Port), as a part of our effort to popularize liberal arts and facilitate communications between the general public and academics.

Sogang-Soongmoon Memory Workshop is one of the practice models for this initiative. A collaborative project with Soongmoon High School, the workshop had hosted since March 2019 a year-long art program, “Remembering Through Pictures,” in which students expressed their personal memories through art. Most of the participated students had no previous experience of learning art professionally, so the program began with equal amounts of hopefulness and worries. However, the worries we had turned out to be unnecessary--the students soon started excavating memories buried deep in themselves and connecting the dots. Together, the students made a song by overlapping their own memories onto a memory-themed score and made a big, indelible fingerprint with their memories.

We hope the year of drawing memories and encountering their latent selves have become a happy memory for the students to remember.

September 2020
Critical Global Studies Institute at Sogang University
The Local Humanities Center (Sogang Teuinnaru)

Exhibition Schedule

Opening on September 7th, 2020 (Online Permanent Exhibition)

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